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Hi, my name is David, Welcome to my page.

A chartered manager and strengths management consultant, a lover of life with a passion for people, and as such my brand was born on the idea of making a positive contribution to the community, for its people, for its businesses, and in making the world a better place. My entire career has been spent working in the service of others, and this is a path that it shall continue.



"For you my friend are so much more than your job title"

I kicked off my management career three decades ago, back when phrases like "put on your big boy pants," "grow a pair," and "lunch is for wimps" were part and parcel of the norm. We were a bunch that just rolled up our sleeves and got things done. Coaching was this fancy thing reserved mostly for the executives, us mere mortal regular folk barely had a look in. It certainly wasn't a quick journey. It took me years to forge out my own career and management style and truly discover who I was. Climbing the management ladder meant more exposure, more responsibilities. I've spent much of my time in diverse environments including military, engineering, building services, and even fostering inclusive communities in sports and recreation.

I never considered myself much of an academic, but heck, did I a have to be a quick learner. I jumped at every opportunity that came my way, I dove headfirst into leading teams as large as 132 personnel, managed operational budgets of circa £10.5 million, and supporting the delivery of projects up to £150 million in value as a technical specialist. The mid 2000s was a time of profound self-discovery for me. Triggered by delayed onset PTSD, it was a dark stretch of time, but within that period of darkness, I found the light. It was during this time that I also discovered Strengths, a management approach that draws from positive psychology. The more I researched into this concept, the more I realised just how much it aligned with my own management approach, my core values, the whole shebang.

Through years of exploration, I came to understand that effective management is so much more than mere technical expertise. It hinges on tapping into our behavioural competencies. I learned that people thrived most when entrusted with tasks or projects that resonated with their distinct strengths, talents, and skills. Seeing people thrive and grow, it became evident that management wasn't about controlling or managing individuals, as managers, we manage things and "lead" people. This shift necessitates a wholly fresh skill set, one that demands cultivation and a journey of self-discovery.

Now, as a chartered manager and strengths management consultant, armed with the necessary skills, knowledge, training, and experience, I've made it my mission to equip you with the skills, self-awareness, tools, and insights. This empowerment will enable you to develop teams that excel and create environments where people flourish.

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