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About David Lissah

About David Lissah: Text

Vision & Mission

“For you my friend, are so much more than your job title”

I'm a lover of life with a passion for people, and as such my brands were born on the idea of making a positive contribution to the community, for its people, for its businesses, and in making the world a better place. My entire career has been spent working in the service of others, and this is a path that it shall continue.

My vision is a pretty ambitious one, it is that through good management practices we live in a world where being an equitable, safe, (people) sustainable and a values driven business is second nature and I am committed to promoting action and changes that amplifies the good work of good people in meeting my vision.

And my mission? To shake up and disrupt the world of management, brining it in to the 21st century. Much of our current management practices are archaic and remain stuck in the 1950’s. The next generation workforce needs the next generation of management.

Over the past two decades I have studied, researched and practiced the art of management. I have personally seen and experienced the very good, the damn right ugly and everything else in between. I too have made my fair share of mistakes from which I have used the lessons to launch an amazing management pathway and journey for those I work with. I also help managers regain control of their careers and lives with confidence, clarity and purpose.

During my career I’ve had the privilege in being given the opportunity to create, build, develop and lead amazing high performing teams, and as a Senior Business Leader and Chartered Strategic Manager with a Safety Compliance Specialist Background, I draw on these skills to help improve business cultures' because everyone deserves to go to work and feel safe, respected and valued.

So Join me on my journey in reshaping the world of management.


A Senior Business Leader, multiple business owner and Chartered Strategic Manager with the Chartered Management Institute.

I'm a strengths-based coach, Accredited Change Manager Practitioner, NEBOSH Health & Safety and CMI Qualified in Strategic Management & Leadership (RQF Master's Degree).

With over 20 years management, leadership and Health & Safety experience in different environment settings from military, facilities management and engineering through to creating inclusive communities in sports and recreation.

I have led teams from 2-132 personnel with direct operational spending budgets of up to £10.5 million and supported in the delivery of projects in excess of £150 million.

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