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Why choose me?

David Lissah Ltd, holding company of my brand, was born on the idea of making a small contribution to the community, for its people, for its businesses, and in making the world a better place. My entire career has been spent working in the service of others, and this is a path David Lissah Ltd shall continue.

David Lissah CMgr MCMI

Enhanced DBS clear to work with young and vulnerable persons

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My Vision

"My vision is to live in a world where being an equitable, safe, sustainable and values driven business is second nature and I am committed to promoting action and changes that amplifies the good work of good people in meeting my vision"

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My Mission

"Provide the platform, tools, support and skills to help people be the best version of themselves in work and in life, every single day".

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Professional Experience

A Chartered Manager with the Chartered Management Institute, an Accredited Change Manager Practitioner and CMI Qualified in Strategic Management & Leadership (RQF Master's Degree). With management and leadership experience in different environment settings from military, facilities management and engineering through to creating inclusive communities in sports and recreation.

I have led teams from 2-132 personnel with direct operational spending budgets of up to £10.5 million and supported in the delivery of individual projects in excess of £150 million.

I've always been a safe pair of hands, results driven and improve business performance through people.


What people say about working with me

There are few things as rewarding as a successful collaboration that solves a challenge. During my years of management and leadership experience I have built lasting and rewarding relationships. Check out below what people say about working with me.

I let my reputation do the talking


I've struggled to write this recommendation, not because it is hard to find something nice to say, but because it sounds too good to be true. As a colleague, David was friendly in his requests, firm in his expectation of delivery and fair in negotiation. His default was to nerture a relationship to secure a greater yield of output through co-operation, a skill set he carries beyond the working day in supporting his friends and co-workers. David embodies what it means to be a pro-active and supportive client, continuing to support me now as a friend. In a time when I found myself drowning in work, David arrived not with a lifeline to save me, but with the reminder I had the ability to save myself....

The Charities I Support

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