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  • David Lissah

Why you should consider Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing is now used by over 75% of the UK’s top 100 companies. Mostly for:

- Recruitment processes

- Internal staff development

- Promotion selection

This is down to its proven ability to predict future job performance of candidates and person vs organisation fits! Backed by coaching and support, it can ensure costly mis-hires are avoided! and in turn, reduce staff turnover…

The coaching we have designed is a very unique service in the UK, combining both a Strengths Assessment and an in-house Management Competency report on the top behavioural and management skills. This unique approach gives more accurate results, for all-around higher quality of output, increasing the value for all involved.

Whether it is to help you through the recruitment selection process, onboarding or personnel and team integration, we can help you. No two situations are ever the same, which is why we offer bespoke coaching sessions to plug those gaps - EXACTLY where businesses need them. As the world adapts more than ever to new ways of working, this is becoming an increasingly popular solution for my clients.

We appreciate one size does not fit all so this route will also give you a custom service to ensure you do not receive more than you need or want.

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