Individual Coaching

Are you looking to explore coaching? Not sure it's for you? Curious to know more about what it entails and the benefits you walk away with?

Or maybe you're at a crossroads and thinking about making a change in your career? 

Some of the common hurdles I work with my clients to overcome are:

Growing in self-confidence (usually to apply for a promotion) 

Making director

Getting noticed in a positive light and laying the foundations to step into management

Becoming a more integral part of your team

Avoiding negative relationships 

I offer taster sessions if you want to dip your toe in,  from there if we get on well and you are the right fit, we can always discuss where you can go next!

Business Meeting

Coaching on Demand

A one-hour 121 coaching session that does what it says on the tin! We get straight down to where you are at right now… For instant results - so you have value right off the bat! (Great for first-timers if you want a coaching taster)

Usually, I find once the first session is complete most then get very excited about what could be achieved and wish to explore this further… So for those who want to build on the progress made in our 121 sessions so we have a more in-depth coaching program at the ready too…...

Price £75 p/h

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Business Meeting

Personal Growth Plan

Designed to build on the foundations of your first coaching session. For those who are serious about development and wish to progress in their career, this course will help you to unlock your personal growth plan. This is a truly priceless journey of self-discovery, including:

- Full access to industry-leading psychometric tests.

- 360 feedback.

- Industry skills assessment.

- Visual reports to back up all our findings during the discovery process.

- 3 and 6-month review to check in and ensure accountability!

- Plus discover your default leadership style and effectiveness!

For added value:

With all our individual services it's important to note that when funded by employers we include a 360 collaboration and transparency approach for the same price. This is because we encourage you to share your journey! So at the end of your sessions, we will do exactly this: share them with relevant line managers…

Experience has shown that doing so nearly always increases the likelihood of further discussions and development within the workplace.

£499 x4 one hour sessions

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