Team Coaching

Do you wish to develop and hone the skills and strengths of your team? If you are truly ready to start a journey of transformation then this is the service for you. During our sessions we begin with a powerful journey of team discovery using a combination of our signature coaching, in-house and Strengthscope® tools that allows your team to bring their best to work, and to life, every single day.


The High Performing Team

Full one-day interactive workshop for your whole team to attend. Aimed at teams who either:

Wish to build on existing foundations and play to their strengths.


Have specific challenges around; communication, performance, output, plus way more!

Some of the key outcomes to expect:

- Individual and team strength reports completed.

- Team strength profiling.

- A team 360 feedback and follow-up session.

£1200 (for a team of 10) £45 per additional attendee (max 20 in total)

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