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Do you have a current leadership skills gap? Do you need someone who will see how individual elements of your business fits together and achieve the best return from your core operations? Do you need someone that can lead by example and instil the right behavioural competencies within the wider team? Do you require someone competent in strategic planning and implementation? 

Whether it's a focus on strategic management or operational delivery, look no further. We can support your business.

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Safety Assurance

Creating a safe & sustainable business

It's common knowledge that safety assurance should be enquiring, intrusive and exploratory. My core focus is in answering four key questions. Are you doing what you said you are going to do? Are your systems and processes doing what they are designed to do? Are you achieving the levels of safety performance you set out to achieve? What improvements can be made that are realistic and achievable?

We provide safety assurance on your arrangements for meeting your statutory obligations, including but not limited to: asbestos management, legionella control, fire safety, maintenance & construction safety.

Other statutory provisions we provide assurance include general workplace safety, operational risk assessments and operational risk management (including assessing your arrangements for a Covid safe workplace).

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Online calls will automatically generate a Zoom call. If you prefer Microsoft Teams, please leave a note stating your preference during the booking process.

If you would prefer a tailored and bespoke service for you or your organisation, please do not hesitate in contacting me for a free exploratory discussion. Together we can design a package more specific to your needs.

Consulting daily rates start from £650