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Strengths Amplified

Strengths Amplified is our signature strengths-based management model that focuses on the development of management skills and behavioural competencies using a strengths-based approach. This approach is rooted in positive psychology principles that individuals can achieve greater success and fulfilment by identifying and leveraging their inherent strengths.


The core philosophy of Strengths Amplified emphasises that people excel when they work from a place of their strengths and talents, which promote the cultivation of strengths, resilience, and well-being rather than just fixing weaknesses or problems. It places particular emphasis on developing behavioural competencies, helping managers become more effective leaders by leveraging their strengths in areas like communication, decision-making, and team management. The model encourages positive feedback and recognition as tools for motivation and growth.


This can create a culture of appreciation and encouragement within organisations. When used in a team setting, Strengths Amplified can improve team dynamics by helping team members understand and appreciate each other's strengths, leading to more effective collaboration. Strengths Amplified is a comprehensive and holistic approach to personal and professional development that emphasises the positive aspects of individuals and aims to leverage those strengths for organisational and individual success.

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